A Must-Visit And Least Expensive Countries

Traveling in different countries can be cheaper and easy if you know how and when to look. You can book to wego.co.in for more cheaper flights and hotels accommodation in every country you wanted to visit. The urge of having a vacation and when the adventures calls you in your busy life in the city. Here as some of the least expensive and a must-visit destination that will not hurt your savings.


Brazil is quite famous for its people to be friendly to most foreign tourists. They generally consider their food to be tasty and often affordable. It has good beaches and mountain scenic views that you can enjoy. You can also experience a river cruise to their popular jungle tours in some part of the famous Amazon Rain Forest.



The Maldives is a little tropical paradise country and it is popular for beaches and underwater adventures in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The Country is very quiet and perfect for those who want to blends with peace and nature.  Beach lovers just will always fall in love with its serene turquoise beaches, powder white sands, blue lagoons, and rich coral reefs.


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Known as The Pearl of the Orient and will offer you spectacular beaches, natural wonders and bio diversity spots. Its an archipelago with 7641 island that can give you unique experiences when you explore these tropical getaway. It offers a good sunny weather,  a warm and friendly Filipinos, budget friendly destinations, colorful and fun seasonal festivals, exciting outdoor destinations, experience the unique transportation called jeepney, preserved national historic places and cheap and delicious foods.



There are a lot of things to love about Taiwan, starting with its capital city Taipei, has an amazing night market, museums, temples and National Parks.

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Thailand is one of the fastest rising tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. It is popular for its pristine beaches, sacred temples, ancient ruins, and royal palaces.  Most tourists go here to experience the nightlife and the extraordinary way of shopping at the floating market. May packaged tours in Thailand include neighboring countries of Vietnam and Cambodia.


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A Must-Visit  And Least Expensive Countries 

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